Patriot Disposal Inc. locally owned and operated since the summer of 2000

Community involved with friendly reliable service

Patriot Disposal has established Arizona’s only Materials Recovery Facility (MRF); a new recycling concept



Increasing recycling participation

Reducing landfill tonnage

Decreasing fuel usage

Decreasing fuel emissions

Decreasing truck traffic in your neighborhood

FREE recycling to our customers



Commercial Services

Permanent Dumpsters – 3year commitment
Temporary Dumpsters – On call, routed, construction, home clean-up, manure

Rates subject to change

Permanent DumpstersTemporary 6-Yard Dumpster
Roll-Off DumpstersPort-a-johnsManure


Permanent Dumpsters

Permanent means at least 1 year's commitment with service at least once a week.

Minimum activity requirement, please check with your sales representative for inactivity fees and schedules. Fuel fee will apply.

Customers who want service 3 or more times per week should contact our sales representative for possible discounts.

Billed Monthly
Extra Pickup

Extras for Permanent Dumpsters

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Temporary 6-Yard Dumpster

These are for customers who are doing clean-up jobs, yardwork, cleaning garages, moving in & out, small remodel jobs.

Service Areas
Per Pull Rate

Construction Routed - Minimum of 2x monthly

Call office for rates
Call office for rates

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Roll-Off Dumpsters/Containers


  • We can only haul 10 tons legally, so jobs need to weigh 10 tons maximum
  • All roll-offs need to be no higher than the level to the top

We offer 3 sizes all the same cost.

Call office for rates
All inclusive rate available

  • Price is based on container location and tonage, not the size of the container

20 yard = 20 feet long, 8 feet wide & 4 feet tall
30 yard = 20 feet long, 8 feet wide & 6 feet tall
40 yard = 20 feet long, 8 feet wide & 8 feet tall

  • For roofing jobs, 20-yard roll-off only
  • For concrete job, 20-yard roll off only
  • No fuel fee

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Construction Sites - Call office for rates

  • Automatic service 1x per week
  • Clean and stock with supplies
  • Billed monthly
  • 1 time delivery fee (possible to waive delivery fee if customers also getting a dumpster at the same time)
  • Handicap
  • Wash station
  • Fuel fee will apply

Special Events

Special for Charity

Please contact our Sales Representative for Special Events and Special for Charity, or for discounts on orders of large quantity

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Call office for rates

We offer several different types of manure service:

  • 96-gallon container for residential customers
    • Service 1x week
    • Added to residential bill; billed quarterly
  • Dumpster service - permanent
    • 3-yard dumpster for manure only (goes to composter, no trash allowed)
    • EOW service
  • Roll-off service
    • 20-yard or 30-yard roll-off available with short-term, on-call or routed service

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